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The SmartStudent App from Data Ready helps parents, teachers, school managements and other stakeholders to coordinate their efforts to enhance the students’ performance. The SmartStudent App helps students improve their performance by providing them a comprehensive view of their schedule including examinations. The SmartStudent App enables parents to keep track of their children’s progress including their attendance and academic performance in real-time. The SmartStudent App enables teachers to monitor the students’ progress including classroom participation, extra-curricular activities, attendance and performance. The SmartStudent App enables the school and management to monitor the safety of children, even while it is in transit.

·   STUDENT EMPOWERMENT - Empowers students enabling them to improve their performance

·   COMMUNICATION CHANNEL - Establishes communication channel among teachers, parents, school management and other stakeholders

·   RESPONSIVE ADMINISTRATION - Enables the school administration to respond swiftly to any requirements

·   AUGMENTED SECURITY - Enhances students’ security and provides peace of mind to parents

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