Connecting parents, students and schools like never before

The SmartParent App connects parents and schools allowing smooth exchange of information and suggestions. The
SmartParent App allows parents to track the progress of their children by providing access to all the progress reports of the children that have been uploaded. The teachers can send regular updates about the children and inform parents in real time about their child’s status. The SmartParent App will especially be helpful during times of admission when different documents of the children have to be submitted. This can be accomplished online and thereby make the whole process a by parents in a hassle-free manner.

Key features

  • Daily Alerts – Daily live attendance and assignment alerts on mobile
  • Students’ Performance Tracking – Exam and class test performance tracking
  • Access to Results and Other Activities – Access to results, time table and exam dates, besides class and campus activities
  • Effective Parent-Teacher Communication – Effective parent-teacher communication and updates in real-time