Frequently Asked Questions – SmartStudent

What is offered as part of SmartStudent?

5 different modules will be offered as part of SmartStudent. SmartSchool, SmartTeacher, SmartParent, Smart College & SmartBus.

How SmartStudent is different from other school management solutions?

SmartStudent is enabled with AI, which gives a uniqueness advantage to SmartStudent among other school/college management systems.

What type of institutions can use SmartStudent?


Secondary education – schools

Universities & colleges

Does SmartStudent save time?

This pervasive app saves 30% operations for school management with its user friendly UI

SmartStudent supports which devices and does is required high internet speed?

SmartStudent runs on all smart devices running Google Android and Apple IOS operating system like tablets & mobile phones with as low as 2G network facility to 5G.

Is it available on Google Play Store & Apple App Store?

Yes, it is available.

How is SmartStudent beneficial to institutions?

  • Institutions can get multi fold benefits by enabling SmartStudent
  • Paperless education management
  • 30% savings on operations
  • Efficiency improvement – Time savings of 25% for teachers, administrators & management
  • Improved parent engagement through real time communication with teachers and other stake holders

How long does it take to implement SmartStudent?

DataReady has created the Friction Free enablement & implementation strategy for smoother and faster implementation which is 1st of its kind in the globe.  Our team will come and help the schools and complete the implementation in less than 5 days including training the staff.

Is it required to sign up for all apps?

Yes, all modules of SmartStudent requires sign-ups.

How secure is my data?

SmartStudent platform and apps are deployed in cloud servers in the country of operation. And the data is located/hosted in the country where it operates (India, USA, Canada, and EU). Data is secured using the SSL in transit form device to our servers. Another major differentiating factor is Data is never shared with anyone other than the school, and School has to authorize access to the data.

What kind of training is provided during implementation?

DataReady provides extensive training to users and management. Training videos and guides/material are shared for quick reference

What are post enablement support options?

Post enablement support is provided through 24/7 email and phone support.