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The SmartBus App ensures that the protection of the student while in transit to and fro in school bus. The SmartBus App provides alerts before the arrival of the school bus, enabling parents to pick up or drop off their children. As the SmartBus App is connected to the school transport office, tracking the bus and taking immediate action in case of an alert becomes easy. The SmartBus Apphelps protect children and ensures peace of mind for parents. The SmartBus App facilitates tracking passenger count, recognizing the stop, scanning the school badge, identifying the student and capturing the video of the trip while driving, and uploading the video on the website.

Identifying Bus Location - Ability to identify the location of the bus at any given point of the trip Student

Safety and Security- Disallowance of boarding or alighting by student at any point other than his stop to ensure safety and security

Accurate Count of Passengers – Accurate count of passengers at any given point while on the trip

Display of Passenger List - Display of the list of passengers on board while the bus is on a trip and replay of the video.